Family Owned & Operated

Founded by Gainesville, Georgia native Joel “JoJo” Jackson. JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade originated in Gainesville, GA the summer of 2004.

As a family owned and operated business, JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade is proud to offer a new experience for families to enjoy together. A unique and healthy drink for the family to share. Now how many non-alcoholic drink options do you have, that your guest cannot find at every other bar and restaurant in town?

The majority of the industry has failed to capitalize on the opportunity to provide guest that do not drink alcohol an option beyond coffee, tea, and soda. This is a market segment that very few companies are trying to reach and the single largest untapped group of consumers that your restaurant can reach.

Delicious and nutritious aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath, except by our customers! I look forward to providing more future information about JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade, add how it will benefit you!

State of The Art Design

JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade mobile stands are designed with the convenience of the vendor and consumer in mind. The stands design allows high volume sales and complete engagement of the customer.

Look for more information coming soon on our cart locations in our future blog post!

Wholesale Catering

Customers can enjoy the convenience of JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade at home, work, or anywhere, with flavors available in gallons.

Our Mission

JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade is an independent vendor, specializing in freshly squeezed lemonade with many enhanced gourmet flavors. JoJo’s creates a fresh and unique concept, filling every cup with freshly squeezed fruit, with natural real fruit ingredients and fresh lemon or lime garnish. Our mission is to provide great tasting lemonade that is freshly squeezed to please, providing an inexpensive satisfaction with immediate indulgence.