Our Mission

Our mission at JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade, is to provide high quality, fresh squeezed, great tasting lemonade using all natural ingredient. We strive to provide an affordable, healthy beverage alternative that allows guilt-free indulgence.

JoJo’s vision is to continuously offer total customer satisfaction with convenient service while providing a delicious and nutritious beverage that’s gluten, fat, and cholesterol free.

The visionary behind JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade came from humble beginnings is the small town of Gainesville, Ga . Joel “JoJo” Jackson realized, that the food and beverage industry failed to provide alternative drink options beyond coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages filled with artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar.

The solution….. “JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade.” Every cup is made with hand cut, fresh squeezed lemons, water and a unique all natural simple syrup JoJo created using his own recipe. There are no artificial flavors, or preservatives. In addition to being a clean and healthy alternative, the unique one of a kind taste sets “JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade” apart from other products in the market.

Established in 2004, Joel “JoJo” Jackson, has used his platform to support his community by creating jobs as well as making donations to various charitable organizations, such as the “Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

Although JoJo did not invent lemonade when life gave him lemons, he squeezed them!