Our Story

JoJo’s vision is to continuously offer total customer satisfaction through convenient service by providing a delicious and nutritious beverage that’s gluten, fat, cholesterol free.

According to historical documents and trade records dating back to 500A.D., ancient Egyptians bottled a fine drink made with part lemon juice and part sugar called Qatarmizat. Today we simply refer to it as lemonade. I know you’re wondering, how this sweet and tangy favorite always seems to quench everyone’s thirst on a beautiful, sunny day? The simple truth is the acid in the lemon stimulates, making you instantly feel hydrated.

In 1975 taste researcher, Howard Moskowitz, showed that subjects from different cultures prefer vastly different levels of sourness, even though the preference for salt and sweetness is more universal, suggesting that our interest in sourness is largely learned.

Although JoJo didn’t invent the wheel, when life gave JoJo lemons he made JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade, so he never fails to show his altruism by helping the community with support through charitable giving from annual sales and revenue, the opportunity of growth through jobs for the community and Godly decisions.